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A Vicars Wedding.

Jeremy & Helen

I was looking forward to photographing this day at St Faith Church, Shellingford followed by the reception at Buckland Hall in Oxfordshire as I could shoot in both styles candid with some formal portraits too. It was a lovely relaxed day. Below are some kind words from Helen & Jeremy.

Hope you enjoy some of these photos.

Thanks Des.

We have just sat down together and looked through all the photos and we are thrilled with them.  They were just what we hoped for - you managed to catch so many lovely moments throughout the day.  It will serve as a wonderful record of a day that we thoroughly enjoyed.  We are particularly pleased to have so many pictures of our guests enjoying themselves, unaware they are being photographed!  The photos show much skill, style and hard work on your part - thank you very much indeed.

With very best wishes and thanks

Helen and Jeremy.

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